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Quality vs Quantity Equally for Results

Quantity is equally important as quality. Did you know that the guy who sang "Kung Fu Fighting" didn't become famous because it was a good song? It was a terrible song but he sung it so many times, in so many places it became a hit song and he became famous or popular. In the Bible there is a book titled Numbers. Life is about numbers. Everything has a number. Carl Douglas was no master musician or singer. Carl didn't even have good clothing. He only had a gee on with a red sock wrapped around his head. However, Carl traveled on every Greyhound bus, bicycle, train and plane, sung in many bars and dives countless times. It became well known and now world renowned. "Numbers" matter as well as quality. They work together in unison. You can't determine how effective (quality) you have or are, if the numbers don't add up. You see, numbers never lie. 1+1 = 2 everywhere you go. We're not completely certain Carl Douglas knew any Kung Fu moves at all. 

Don't be afraid or ashamed to ask people to share, like or subscribe and spread the word about your products and services. Some may or maynot like your work. You will never know until the word gets out and spread to many walks of life. Reach out locally and universally. You never know who will benefit from the information provided. It's going to take creativity and a little courage on your part to find out. The key is to continue making yourself a more attractive person by the skills you have, the disciplines you have, the personality you’ve acquired, the character and reputation you have established, the language and speech you use—all of that refinement makes you more attractive. Personal development is the never-ending chance to improve not only yourself but also to attract opportunities and affect others. Quality is about being effective and providing value to your content. You may or may not have value in your content. However, if it only reaches a hand few that quality is lost, not because of it's content but because of its inability to reach others. A diamond is worthless unless someone finds it. 

Opportunities and success are not something you go after necessarily but something you attract by becoming an attractive/effective person. That’s why we teach development of skills. If you can develop your skills, keep refining all the parts of your character and yourself, your health, your relationships so that you become an attractive person—you’ll attract opportunity because of your effectiveness. Opportunity will probably seek you out. Your reputation will probably precede you and someone will want to do business with you. This is where the real numbers add up. 

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