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Selling and Business Tips To Remember

We speak to our friends and family on Facebook | Snapchat and other Social Media Networks. We gather data based on their posts, pics, videos and more.... However, when it comes to networking with clients and customers, why do we fall short? 

Client/Customer relationships are equally as important to our business ecosystem as making money is to a healthy business. Walking the walk and talking the talk is important. 

ie: If you are selling family based products why not show pics of your family business. Why not discuss with them some of the products and services you found most effective and why? Most online businesses fail because they believe if they send one link and it hits 10,000 people they presume the person will purchase. Do you know who clicked and are you reaching your audience? Analytics do not lie! Try to take time out to get to know them. Here are several ways:

  1. Email
  2. Voicemail/Phone
  3. Facebook Messenger
  4. Twitter
  5. Google
  6. Youtube
  7. Online Chat Rooms
  8. Website Chat

How often to you actually reach out without getting sidetracked by other social media traffic? When surfing the internet it can get pretty frustrating keeping your focus with all the drama, ads and friendly conversations going on around you. Try to keep this discipline or multi task to get the job done for business. 

We've added a video titled: "15 Ways To Make One Million". In this video are some useful tips you can implement in your spare time to get the ball rolling. We work with many so feel free to subscribe and like.

Next up: Selling Tools

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