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Why People Fail To Make Money Online

Have you ever misplaced something and it was staring you directly in the face or found exactly where it was left? Well, making money online is the same way because although you have been given all the hiding places, you remain seated because it has not caught your attention. We hope that we can clear things up today. 

There are types of income currently in demand. One income, the mass majority is doing currently. It's called ACTIVE income. You go to work daily and based on your skill sets you work a 9 to 5 and get paid an hourly rate of pay based on the time put in. It's also based on what that Company is willing to pay you for your skills and there may or maynot be overtime involved. It may not be what you are truly worth but you never get more unless there's a Christmas bonus or other factors ie: A raise in pay. It's immediate and quick by the end of the week depending on Companies payroll set up. This is called ACTIVE income. Here's the formula: (Rate of pay + hours worked + skill set = Payment.)

The other is quite different. It involves work effort, skill set and the payment is for sure but based on your own merit. Your ability to get these concepts will decide whether or not you are diligent and create value for those involved in the purchasing communities. This is called PASSIVE income. Most shy away from this because it's slower and more methodical. Many give up before they get the ball rolling downhill that will accumulate over a period of time. Here's the formula: (Value product or service + audience + skill set = Payment). The key to this type of income is solely based on constant value input. Getting started is key and the many delivery systems, funnels or platforms involved to get the message delivered. So if you never get started nothing is coming in, EVER. 

It is important for you to realize that both can be achieved. People can begin with active income and branch off into passive income later and vice-a-versa. Many wealthy individuals have more than one stream or source of income. Whether it's banking investments, real property, active income;a job, passive income, government benefits....etc. The internet is passive income streams based on audience worldwide. Commitment is key and your level of skill. Generally speaking, most people give up and never see it through because it's slow although, definite. It's definite because people are helping people and getting ideas from one another minute by minute. If your product or service is good then all is well based on your delivery systems via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube... So unless those platforms breakdown or the internet goes away, it will always be there. The internet is the new mailorder platform of 2018. 

These income streams are quite lucrative and there's no reason you can not do both. The more income streams you have, the better. This also includes mailorder. We've been informing you that all you have to do is CREATE. Create a good product or service. Create many income streams, create a buzz or audience via platforms, email marketing, vlogs, blogs, or websites. Did you know that many entrepreneurs have more than one website or blog in different genres? Providing you put in the work something is always coming in the form of payment. Most people get this wrong. You're not successful because you made a lot of money. The reverse is true. You have money because you were successful in whatever it is you are doing. No person should look at a stove and say, "give me heat" and have not put in the wood, whether it's active or passive income. 

The reasons others are making money online is they started before you, they are constant in work ethics or mastered disciplines, and they have a great product or service that provides value.  This passive income was made in the past and therefore now paying off in their future. They have several income streams of traffic and built an unstoppable audience worldwide. So what do you want to create? What are you passionate about? This is important because you're gonna be doing it for a very long time. With this worldwide audience there's enough cash flow for everyone. The sky's the limit on cash flow! Why? Because millions of people are being born every single day all over the world, so don't forget to advertise. Build it and they will come is a myth. If you don't tell anyone, no one is coming. It's all about the traffic and the hashtags. Hashtags make things sticky and shareable. 

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