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10 Things Rich People Do

Rich people and regular people do things differently. Let’s discover why.

The following things rich people do:

1. Rich people work at being rich.

I know. Thanks for the late-breaking news, Lueteniant Obvious. But often it’s the most obvious answers that are the correct answer. I’m thinking of all five regular friends of mine right now (I have a 5-regular-friend limit). None of them want to be rich. They may say they do. But they really don't. If you're tired of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul this may be for you.

Here’s a quote that should encourage you:

“Nearly all rich and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, charming or good looking. They become rich and powerful simply by wanting to be rich and powerful.” – Paul Arden, Advertising Executive, and Author

2. Rich people hang out with other rich people.

They usually start doing this before they ever get rich. Have you ever seen the person you’re hanging out with yawn, and it makes you yawn also? Well, when you see the person you’re hanging out with making a million dollars, it makes you make a million dollars. True story.

3. Rich people seek out many mentors and suck their brains dry like knowledge vampires.

Let’s take me for example. I have multiple mentors for all the key areas in life that are important, when combined, equal sustainable holistic richness. And not just any mentors mind you—THE BEST. After all, if you’re not first you’re last, right? I cannot believe there is actually a self-help guru who says this with a straight face and means it. Stuff like that makes me pretty confident I’m going to end up being a trillionaire.

I have several business mentors. They are all billionaires. They invented new ways and techniques in Personal Development after their mentors and the mentors before him. 

I have a nutritional mentor. He has three PhD.’s and something else no regular person would ever even think of having. He makes Dr. Oz look like… Dr. Oz. Even Captain Kirk on the original hit TV series Star Trek walked around with his very own doctor McCoy and a Science Officer named Spock.

I have a physical fitness mentor. He meets me at the gym and I'm currently engaged to. He has military training skills. Have you ever seen fat active duty military personnel? I haven't.

I have a spiritual mentor who I speak with in letters or watch on TV when necessary. I ask all the hardest questions anyone has ever asked him. He pastors an awesome church has a doctorate in theology from the top seminary in America and got books published. He is possibly the wisest man alive.

I have a psychological mentor—otherwise known as a shrink. She is the most insightful human being I’ve encountered to date. She thinks I’m there for inner healing. I’m actually there to see to gain new ideas for my life since our last encounter got me 4 books, 1 publishing deal, and notoriety. 

I have a piano mentor so I can play better for Christmas at the house and other family gatherings, such as birthdays. I'm no Elton John but I can play one of my favorites, "Your Song".

And on. And on. And on.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply track down the wheel inventor and then just ask him how he came up with the idea. 

4. Rich people teach others the things, rich people to do.

What new things did you learn today? Nothing? You suck. Take out a piece of paper, write today’s date on it and light it on fire. That is symbolic of what you just did with your day. You know you only get about 29,000 days, right? Then you die. Think about that. 28,999 … 28,998 …

Maybe don’t put the fire out and just let it burn your whole life to the ground. Because if you keep doing what you did today to many more times that’s what going to happen.

Always continue to learn. And always continue to teach other people what you just learned. It will both help you remember it better and make other people just as brilliant. The more you share knowledge wealth, you can take others with you. You can also make the world a better place. The more people know the better their lives become. Each day should never be wasted and each one should teach one. 

5. Rich people connect rich people with other rich people.

I’m constantly telling winners about other winners. I just figure if someone is winning and they just helped me win something, they should be rewarded with free advertising from my mouth. This builds your goodwill account with lots of rich people. What comes around goes around. You do this often enough, and the whole world will love you and use their goodwill to make you rich.

6. Rich people work like their lives depend on it.

Their lives do actually depend on it, of course, and does yours. So this just makes rich people rational people. How many hours do you work every day? Double it. Or stop complaining.

7. Rich people do what they’re good at.

What are you unusually good at? Get 100 times more good at it and then reveal yourself to the world. Don’t forget to charge money for it.

8. Rich people do what they love and would do it for free because they love it so much.

This is literally the dumbest thing rich people have ever heard.

If rich people had all the money they wanted and could do anything they wanted with their time, they would lay on the freaking beach and have a Pina Colada with an umbrella in it just like every other human being on planet earth. This is true of rock stars, movie stars and possibly, but not definitely, even porn stars. You could say it’s not true of Donald Trump, but I promise you if money was not involved, he would not be President.

Work, no matter what type of work, is a grind. Do what you’re great at. "All skills are learnable" ` Brian Tracy Selling is one of the highest paid industries in the world if you're good at it. Learn from the best in whatever industry you choose. Write a few books on it. Make it your bible of facts from working in that industry and lead the field with new innovating ideas. Remember money is not the result of success. Success in knowing, working and money is the result of that success. Call it your reward for seeking out industry truths. 

9. Rich people save their money.

I used to not believe this. I made such an obscene amount of money at one point that I literally just thought I could make it infinitely. Then I stopped making it for some normal cyclical reason that shouldn’t have been surprising but was. That’s when I realized you have to save it. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

10. Rich people finish every single thing they start. 

Regular people start things and rarely finish. Rich people would rather bungee jump off a bridge with the bungee cord tied to a baby rabbit that’s not tied to anything than not finish something. I could be reading the worst book on earth, and I simply cannot bring myself to not finish it just because that’s how much I hate not finishing things. Start it? FINISH IT. Or just don’t start it at all. It's the ending that really counts because there will be zero regrets. 

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