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Jammed Up | HUSTLE

John Henry works with Ashley from Trade Street Jams to turn her small, artisanal jam business into a profitable company with enough revenue to allow her to quit her day job.

A few tools for your arsenal:

It’s all about changing your life, changing your skill-sets and earning more money. Invest some of that early money in lifestyle. Go to the movies, a fancy dinner, take two vacations instead of one. Think of amazing lifestyle changes.  Use our lifestyle resources and build each one in a calm and relaxed way. Do some little extra things so this new commitment to earning more is becoming and inspires you, your family and even others.

Branch out like a growing tree. Share your knowledge, make lasting and more  real successful and positive friendships that compliment your new life.  Start furnishing that with new vigor, vitality, money, whatever it takes to expand your life into what we call the good life.

Get invigorated about changing things. One discipline leads to another. One change leads to another. And when you feel good about yourself and start to make the turn to do something you’ve never done before, it starts to work. And then you get excited about changing other areas of your life as well.

Begin to focus on your health and vitality so you can live a longer life to enjoy your earnings. Join a fitness class, buy some fitness equipment, and make new friendship there too. This will inspire more creativity and strengthen disciplines. That is the ultimate goal. Strengthen all the new disciplines you've applied throughout the lifestyle change and build new ones. 

Now, after you have made your fortune, the money and extravagance might not seem as big a deal. And fortunately you can then create even more powerful opportunities, opportunities for benevolence, philanthropy and giving. The key word is CREATE. 

More Amazing Resources - Read each resource carefully. Most resources have special perks you can apply to your life anyway you choose. ie: Vlogging, Blogging, Drop-shipping, Wholesale, Retail, Productivity and Services.

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