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Personal Development Template For Success

Some would say being popular isn't all it's cracked up to be. In the following video let us know what you think. Because it has it's advantages in various groups and having a winning personality does have a few advantages. As the old saying goes, "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar". 


1. Become more charming in every interaction with others.
2. Perception is a key point when dealing with customers.
3. Make people feel important and valuable personal and in business. 
4. Persuasive in sales when you're more charming.
5. Smile with positive regard.
6. Say thank you early and often.
7. Give genuine compliments to other's clothing, ideas, and overall.
8. Give praise and approval generously or lavishly. 
9. Give them full attention, listen well and attentively.


  1. Not aggressive or pushy do not coorse to unpleasant agreements
  2. Choose good questions
  3. Satisfactory agreements for all parties
  4. Skilled negotiators sell by value not always by pricing
  5. Point out benefits important to customers
  6. Patience is key, preparation is key, understanding customer needs
  7. Research all possible questions, knowing your product and/or service
  8. Are confident people


  1. Focus on first perceptions understand client's frame of mind
  2. Cognitive Dissonance
  3. Follow the crowd use testimonies
  4. Use real stories of satisfied clients
  5. Scarcity or exclusive products set time frame or discounts but give them an out
  6. Reverse psychology let them tell you why it may be useful to them
  7. Be sincere, not manipulative


  1. Goals should be clear so focus
  2. Harness aims and goals short and long term.
  3. Be courageous and self-confident
  4. No substitute for hard work set guidelines
  5. Do not limit yourself and learn as much as you can
  6. Write your personal development plan down start with important goals first
  7. Write a timeline to achieve these goals
  8. Write down your strength and weakness
  9. Action plans and mark your progress

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Health For A Better Life (Relationship Edition)

Sometimes when a break up occurs the initial thought is run like hell for the hills and hide under a rock. Most people feel rejected, let down and even humiliated especially when it comes suddenly. It's always easy to say "I DO" when things are going great. However, when crap hits the fan it is not as easy to show love and compassion for the other party. Before you get into any solid commitment, here are a few tips that may help you during difficult times.

Don't assume you are unworthy of love after a breakup.

When a breakup occurs most people feel damaged, unworthy or sometimes left in disbelief. Often times it has nothing to do with them at all. It may be the other party, he or she may not feel it's a good fit based on their fundamental beliefs. Let's face it, love, respect, and honor mean different things to different people. It's important as adults to take full responsibility for your actions but please do not wallow in self-pity, It can lead to mental depression. 

Give the other person time to be sad and to recover. Depending on how important the relationship is to them, recovery may be swift. Try not to bring the horrific thing up again and try to replace those bad feelings with good ones. We are what we think about so keep the conversation positive. Never take for granted that someone will be there always. Anything not treated properly or treated badly in any environment will soon disappear; ie: flowers, clothing, a set of dishes and even people. 

Don't expect the other person to fulfill the needs you are responsible for.

If a person has insecurities about themselves outside the normal behavior this could be a sign. It could be a sign this person hasn't done much self-seeking or inner emotional or social work. All men and women have their insecurities. It's always best to get to the root of the problem and not make the other person feel a need to worry. If you have reassured the person and they continue to feel insecure it may not be you but this person may have trust issues. These issues can be from a previous bad relationship. 

Spending quality time with yourself to work on the things you need can help. Reading books on self-help, taking an exercise class, going to a spa....all these things can build self-confidence and esteem. If you are happy with yourself, then it's a great start in any relationship.

Learn how to communicate in a calm rational way.

Talking about your issues with your partner is a great way to break the ice. You should be able to confide in this person. If you can not confide in them about personal issues then they may not be the one for you. Expressing your desires and bearing your soul early in the relationship is a good indicator the person will be around for the long haul. In order for someone to love you, they have to know you better so lying will not help. You are just avoiding the inevitable breakup. 

Remain calm at all cost, show them that you have a genuine concern, mature and be a great listener. It is impossible to love someone you do not respect. Listening without judgment, or feeling a need to speak is an awesome way to show respect.  

Keep personal friends at a respectable distance. 

We all have those lovely friends who seriously want to help. Hopefully, they are genuine and do not have a hidden agenda or have a stake in the breakup. Don't be a showoff with your personal life goals and plans. Showing off can breed contempt in a friendship. Be mindful!

Often times close friends can be a little bias, his friends may not be your friends and vice versa. They may encourage you to leave someone you still love. Don't let false pride keep you away if this is the case. These are not evil friends, they just want their happy friend back at all costs. 

  • So you'll hear this: "Aw man you don't need her, there's more fish in the sea", or "Girl, let's hangout he's a loser who didn't deserve you in the first place". Sometimes it's a parent who misses you because you hadn't visited them in years until the break-up occurred. 

Don't forget to make time for loved ones, friends and try to lead a balanced life. No one can tell you what you already know about your loved one. If you are completely honest with yourself then you don't need a sidekick to tell you and drag you around like a lost puppy to special events. 

Don't allow friends or family members to say negative things about your loved one. Ultimately, they are mocking your choices and saying you do not have good judgment or possibly implying stupidity on your part. Saying negative things about your spouse reveals immaturity but more importantly, it doesn't leave the door open for a comeback with family or friends because you've demolished their credibility. 

Make a decision for your life, write it down, commit it to memory and take care of yourself always and not just because you found a man. When you know what you want, you get it. When you take care of yourself, then you have room to take care of others. It's just that simple. You can't pour from an empty cup.

Don't introduce significant others to people who are unworthy.

Introducing significant others to unworthy people is like waving a $100 bill in the face of a thief. Don't ever lay it down, because it will not be there when you return. This part goes for family members also. Just because someone is your family member doesn't mean they have the right to disrespect your personal life decisions as an adult. 

Socializing is hard work because sometimes you let the good in with the bad. And the peace of mind is harder work because you have to guard the doorway to your mind and having the wrong people in your life can make this difficult. Be certain to lighten the load, your happiness may depend upon it. A negative person full of worry, doubt and complaints can literally suck the life out of the day. 

Don't be an angry person.

If things do not exactly work out, let cooler heads prevail. Don't be an angry person full of spite work and hostility. Being this way in a breakup situation only confirms the other person's thoughts of breaking up. It gives them an "easy out" to say you were the bad person all along. Some people don't have a reason for breaking up, they need air and room to breathe. 

Click on the word marriage below for a video with helpful tips. As a matter of fact, click on all the links below, they're all good. 

Perks That Work: 

Accomplish Anything "How To Videos" - Marriage | Recipes | Auditions, etc.

personal-development-importance.html - Why it's so important.

10-things-rich-people-do.html - Debt creates stress, learn what not to do.

How To Master Your Life - Complete guide to taking your life by the reins.

10 Ways To Live A Wonderful Life - Stress-free living.

10 Things Rich People Do

Rich people and regular people do things differently. Let’s discover why.

The following things rich people do:

1. Rich people work at being rich.

I know. Thanks for the late-breaking news, Luetenient Obvious. But often it’s the most obvious answers that are the correct answer. I’m thinking of all five regular friends of mine right now (I have a 5-regular-friend limit). None of them want to be rich. They may say they do. But they really don't. If you're tired of borrowing from Peter to pay Paul this may be for you.

Here’s a quote that should encourage you:

“Nearly all rich and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, charming or good looking. They become rich and powerful simply by wanting to be rich and powerful.” – Paul Arden, Advertising Executive, and Author

2. Rich people hang out with other rich people.

They usually start doing this before they ever get rich. Have you ever seen the person you’re hanging out with yawn, and it makes you yawn also? Well, when you see the person you’re hanging out with making a million dollars, it makes you make a million dollars. True story.

3. Rich people seek out many mentors and suck their brains dry like knowledge vampires.

Let’s take me for example. I have multiple mentors for all the key areas in life that are important, when combined, equal sustainable holistic richness. And not just any mentors mind you—THE BEST. After all, if you’re not first you’re last, right? I cannot believe there is actually a self-help guru who says this with a straight face and means it. Stuff like that makes me pretty confident I’m going to end up being a trillionaire.

I have several business mentors. They are all billionaires. They invented new ways and techniques in Personal Development after their mentors and the mentors before him. 

I have a nutritional mentor. He has three PhD.’s and something else no regular person would ever even think of having. He makes Dr. Oz look like… Dr. Oz. Even Captain Kirk on the original hit TV series Star Trek walked around with his very own doctor McCoy and a Science Officer named Spock.

I have a physical fitness mentor. He meets me at the gym and I'm currently engaged to. He has military training skills. Have you ever seen fat active duty military personnel? I haven't.

I have a spiritual mentor who I speak with in letters or watch on TV when necessary. I ask all the hardest questions anyone has ever asked him. He pastors an awesome church has a doctorate in theology from the top seminary in America and got books published. He is possibly the wisest man alive.

I have a psychological mentor—otherwise known as a shrink. She is the most insightful human being I’ve encountered to date. She thinks I’m there for inner healing. I’m actually there to see to gain new ideas for my life since our last encounter got me 4 books, 1 publishing deal, and notoriety. 

I have a piano mentor so I can play better for Christmas at the house and other family gatherings, such as birthdays. I'm no Elton John but I can play one of my favorites, "Your Song".

And on. And on. And on.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply track down the wheel inventor and then just ask him how he came up with the idea. 

4. Rich people teach others the things, rich people to do.

What new things did you learn today? Nothing? You suck. Take out a piece of paper, write today’s date on it and light it on fire. That is symbolic of what you just did with your day. You know you only get about 29,000 days, right? Then you die. Think about that. 28,999 … 28,998 …

Maybe don’t put the fire out and just let it burn your whole life to the ground. Because if you keep doing what you did today to many more times that’s what going to happen.

Always continue to learn. And always continue to teach other people what you just learned. It will both help you remember it better and make other people just as brilliant. The more you share knowledge wealth, you can take others with you. You can also make the world a better place. The more people know the better their lives become. Each day should never be wasted and each one should teach one. 

5. Rich people connect rich people with other rich people.

I’m constantly telling winners about other winners. I just figure if someone is winning and they just helped me win something, they should be rewarded with free advertising from my mouth. This builds your goodwill account with lots of rich people. What comes around goes around. You do this often enough, and the whole world will love you and use their goodwill to make you rich.

6. Rich people work like their lives depend on it.

Their lives do actually depend on it, of course, and does yours. So this just makes rich people rational people. How many hours do you work every day? Double it. Or stop complaining.

7. Rich people do what they’re good at.

What are you unusually good at? Get 100 times more good at it and then reveal yourself to the world. Don’t forget to charge money for it.

8. Rich people do what they love and would do it for free because they love it so much.

This is literally the dumbest thing rich people have ever heard.

If rich people had all the money they wanted and could do anything they wanted with their time, they would lay on the freaking beach and have a Pina Colada with an umbrella in it just like every other human being on planet earth. This is true of rock stars, movie stars and possibly, but not definitely, even porn stars. You could say it’s not true of Donald Trump, but I promise you if money was not involved, he would not be President.

Work, no matter what type of work, is a grind. Do what you’re great at. "All skills are learnable" ` Brian Tracy Selling is one of the highest paid industries in the world if you're good at it. Learn from the best in whatever industry you choose. Write a few books on it. Make it your bible of facts from working in that industry and lead the field with new innovating ideas. Remember money is not the result of success. Success in knowing, working and money is the result of that success. Call it your reward for seeking out industry truths. 

9. Rich people save their money.

I used to not believe this. I made such an obscene amount of money at one point that I literally just thought I could make it infinitely. Then I stopped making it for some normal cyclical reason that shouldn’t have been surprising but was. That’s when I realized you have to save it. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

10. Rich people finish every single thing they start. 

Regular people start things and rarely finish. Rich people would rather bungee jump off a bridge with the bungee cord tied to a baby rabbit that’s not tied to anything than not finish something. I could be reading the worst book on earth, and I simply cannot bring myself to not finish it just because that’s how much I hate not finishing things. Start it? FINISH IT. Or just don’t start it at all. It's the ending that really counts because there will be zero regrets. 

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Poverty is a mindset passed on from generation to generation.

"Don't tell people what you know. KEEP THEM POOR!" 
This is what rich people say to Robert Kiyosaki.

By keeping people poor it doesn't stimulate the economy and if one person is left behind we're all left behind. Why? Because there aren't enough people with the fundamental knowledge to help things move and grow. The universe is designed by laws and most of them are absolute. You can never be rich unless you enrich the lives of others, especially if you began at the bottom and on your way to the top. Even those born into money has to continue to build, create and serve. The next time you step outside your home, go into the city and look around you. Someone built those buildings and they are not all government owned and operated. From every corner store, barber shop, doughnut place, shoe store is owned by someone who decided to do so. 

When you come to your crossroads in life what will you decide? Becoming wealthy is never an overnight process but it is an achievable one. Begin small and start making it a priority in your life. Write down goals in order to achieve a stable home life and wealth. Work hard at it and don't become tempted by everyday trends or the latest fad. Begin to budget for events and not fly by nights out with friend events. Take travel and events more seriously by setting aside a dollars in your budget so when the real big important events arise you can attend and even bring a gift. No more spending as you go!

Another great tip is to set aside emergency funds for maintenance for car and home. The disciplines you have in life will come with continuous practice thereby forming good habits. Bad habits are easy but the really good habits must be achieved. As you begin to achieve good habits throw-out a few of the bad ones. Challenge yourself daily to learn new avenues to achieve each goal effectively. Rome wasn't built in a day but it took less than an hour to burn down so be focused on yourself. Many of life's circumstances aren't happening because of outside things but because of the inside ones we fail to address. 

Newest Clients: 


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Michelin Awards What Do They Mean?

Thinking about becoming a top Chef?

It took 105 years for Michelin to reach the United States. Founded by the Michelin brothers, Andre’ and Edouard, the guide was fist published in August of 1900 during the Exposition Universelle in Paris. An engineer (Andre’) and an artist (Edouard), the two brothers were also competitive auto racers who created the first detachable automobile tires. The little red guide book for motorists, and it quickly became Europe’s most popular travel guide. At first it was all about cars and places to stay. Suddenly you could go to Brittany and eat food there, whereas before you could only read about it. You could go to Burgundy, you could go to the Jura and up into the mountains, you could even go to Marseille. The trains didn’t serve all these places. 1920 the guide was no longer offered free; by 1923 it had added a new element: recommendations of restaurants independent of hotels. By 1926 the Michelin stars were born, not just the comfort of this or that hotel but the excellence of its kitchen as well. Eleven year later, the transformation was complete: the guide was devoted to Gastronomy. 

There are currently 24 guides for 24 different countries. Their reach extends to Warsaw and Krakow, in Poland, Oslo, in Norway , Stockholm in Sweden and Athens, in Greece,... There are 33 stars in Japan as of so far compared with the 26 in France and 12 in the U.S. Michelin began rating restaurants in about the same time it did in Japan. At that time Japan and France had a symbiosis. Both countries had fantastic ingredients. They have an almost religious appreciation for produce and the seasons’ ingredients with tremendous techniques. 

This guide book went from a small travelers guide for the elite, to a guide to determined if you are actually worthy of serving clean, great quality foods by world renowned Chef’s. It is most coveted because it has literally been around the world and held by some of the most wealthiest people and places. By the way, if visited by any Food Blogger/Critic (well known on social media), Chef and friends, elite customers (celebrities, wealthy individuals)...you can actually lose your star. This is an embarrassment to any Chef in this category. It is up to that Chef to maintain a level of standards that are worthy of praise at all times.

You always want your customers to return with praise and exceptional “word of mouth” comments. Get a guide book for your Country and/or City, if you’re thinking about reaching a level of Master Chef in the restaurant industry. I hope this gives some insight into the origin of this prestigious award. Maybe my next article, I will write about Mr. Boston the guide book for great Bartender’s. 

Become a Chef and trained by a Professional with 3++ Michelin Stars: 

Learn More: Gourmet | Connoisseurs

                    Master Class For Upcoming Chefs

Explanation of Star Awards

Michelin Guide Star Award

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Personal Development Importance

Many people are faced with circumstances in life outside themselves. It could be bills, physical health, careers, family and other living conditions. They are forced to deal with these things on a daily basis. The choices we make all have consequences. Some people believe that these circumstances are due to external issues. What we will reveal today is that most often, if not all the time they are the internal ones. These internal issues can easily have solutions through personal development. 

As you grow in life we take on more and more responsibilities which create daily circumstances. Many search for ways to solve them through external actions and it helps until the next issue arises. The reason for this is because the basic problem/s have not been dealt with on an internal level. 

ie: If a person finds themselves homeless multiple times, he often believes it's because he needs a job. Although this may be the external solution, he cannot understand why he is constantly seeking employment and/or loses employment in the first place. Until one day he's unable to find work at all and it's a downward spiral after that. 

People are the most complex of all creatures on the planet. We socialize and educate ourselves through various sources. From grades 1 thru 12 we learn to read, write and do arithmetic. These are the fundamental basics in most people attending school. We learn to socialize in environment inside the school and outside of it. Although each person is given the same fundamental skills, some never develop these skills far beyond what they've been taught. By the time they are grown and school is out the learning continues but in most cases it through a college, military or outside job. They never seem to seek far beyond that although life dictates that they should. Therefore, they know no more than the environments in which they stay and the circle of friends they normally have. If those environments are limited, so will they become limited also.

This is why it is important to set goals even when you've achieved one already. The consistency of goal setting allows an individual to learn and develop new skills. These skills are called Personal Development. Each time you set a goal you're strengthening your ability to accept change, change environments and place yourself in that wonderful class of people who succeed. You grow through all of your challenges and this is one universal law that can never be broken. Even the trees have the wind and rain to contend with. All of life's challenges are simply room for growth. That difficult boss, hardcore school teacher or that annoying neighbor that lives on your block. 

Take time out to develop the self. You will be a better person for you and whomever you come in contact with. You will attract good fortune based on your knowledge. Do not limit yourself to one type of food, language or skill. The planet is far to huge for you to stay in your own backyard eating the same mediocre life if that's what you've been living. Live without regrets and rise above petty prejudices. Learn something new, dedicate your life in the pursuit of a better life, start with a small goal and check it off. Thereafter, set some new long and short term goals and build. You will be wonderfully amazed at the wonderful life you have found. 

Just a few affordable simple tools to get you started in whatever niche. We don't know all of you so these tools are random for travel, office, moving, education, health... The rest you can locate on our website. Read thru all some have great perks. Website Develop yourself and watch your outside world change and all the circumstances with it. Procrastination is low self esteem and nothing should get between you and your desire for a better life.

You can use around the house plumbing, painting, gardening, house cleaning, move a house, relocate farm animals and you can also work for them as a Tasker. 

Jammed Up | HUSTLE

John Henry works with Ashley from Trade Street Jams to turn her small, artisanal jam business into a profitable company with enough revenue to allow her to quit her day job.

A few tools for your arsenal:

It’s all about changing your life, changing your skill-sets and earning more money. Invest some of that early money in lifestyle. Go to the movies, a fancy dinner, take two vacations instead of one. Think of amazing lifestyle changes.  Use our lifestyle resources and build each one in a calm and relaxed way. Do some little extra things so this new commitment to earning more is becoming and inspires you, your family and even others.

Branch out like a growing tree. Share your knowledge, make lasting and more  real successful and positive friendships that compliment your new life.  Start furnishing that with new vigor, vitality, money, whatever it takes to expand your life into what we call the good life.

Get invigorated about changing things. One discipline leads to another. One change leads to another. And when you feel good about yourself and start to make the turn to do something you’ve never done before, it starts to work. And then you get excited about changing other areas of your life as well.

Begin to focus on your health and vitality so you can live a longer life to enjoy your earnings. Join a fitness class, buy some fitness equipment, and make new friendship there too. This will inspire more creativity and strengthen disciplines. That is the ultimate goal. Strengthen all the new disciplines you've applied throughout the lifestyle change and build new ones. 

Now, after you have made your fortune, the money and extravagance might not seem as big a deal. And fortunately you can then create even more powerful opportunities, opportunities for benevolence, philanthropy and giving. The key word is CREATE. 

More Amazing Resources - Read each resource carefully. Most resources have special perks you can apply to your life anyway you choose. ie: Vlogging, Blogging, Drop-shipping, Wholesale, Retail, Productivity and Services.

Join Facebook Groups and other Blogs for more. Resources Like Water

It’s your unique love story – share and inspire others!

It’s your unique love story – share and inspire others!

The memorable moments of looking into your true love’s eyes, your engagement proposal, and even your wedding day eventually become stories you tell a thousand times over. Since Gabriel is about love and the inspiring stories behind them, we want you to share your story with us.

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Don’t forget to tag your retailer in your story!

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3. Tag the retailer where your ring was originally purchased.

Monthly Contest Duration: February, March, April – ENDS APRIL 30TH

One winner per month to be announced on the 15th of the following month. 

TERMS & CONDITIONS:*Per Instagram and Facebook rules, we must mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram and Facebook, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 21+ years of age, release Instagram and Facebook of responsibility, and agree to Instagram and Facebook’s term of use. Winners selected must present proper identification in the form of a Driver License, or Government ID card. Winner must claim their prize within 30 days of notification. Prize selection does not include bridal jewelry. Valid only in the US and Canada and may be subject to interstate and Canadian shipping and tax regulations. Contest not open to Gabriel & Co. employees or their family members.

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